Shito kata, Shoden gata level - Koto ryu

By Yossi Sheriff
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Video of Shito no kata - Koto ryu

Shito, Shitō, (折倒), (extend and throw), (שיטו נו קאטה - קוטו ריו - נינג'יטסו), is a Kata that is a part of the Koto Ryu koryu of Ninjutsu, It belongs to the basic Shoden level.

Description of Shito no kata

Uke holds tori in tsukomi jime, tori puts his hands on both elbows and pushes them towards each other while tucking his chin to prevent a returning choke on the trachea. Tori then performs a Boshi ken on uke's neck and arm-locks him in Omote gyaku on uke's right hand. Tori then either breaks the wrist or takes down uke.