Seigan no kamae

By Yossi Sheriff

Image of Hidari Seigan no kamae

seigan no kamae, kunai, tento
Hidari Seigan no Kamae

Image of Migi Seigan no kamae

seigan no kamae migi, kunai, tento
Migi Seigan no Kamae

Video of moto gata from Seigan no kamae

Video of Sui no kata from Seigan

Siegan no kamae (青眼之構), ( סייגן נו קמאה - עמידה ראשונה), sometimes called Ichimonji no kamae (see page) is a combat stance that is used mainly in Gyokko ryu system in Ninjutsu but is also seen at various kata in Kukishin Ryu.

Description of Seigan (Ichimonji) no kamae

Most weight on the rear leg, leading leg holds the body upright. Shoulders relaxed and low. The extended arm keeps distance of safety, the other is protecting face and body as a shield. Both are ready to intercept the attacker's advance.

List of techniques that use Seigan no Kamae