Restoring Martial arts techniques

By Yossi Sheriff

Restoring knowledge

Many Ninjutsu, Koryu and modern martial arts routines exist only in writing, sometimes accompanied by images. Practicing and learning timing and distances from these sources is always difficult.

The video is a reference point - it can be improved

By presenting and taking a video of an ancient routine or kata we can refer to the video as a stage of deciphering and understanding. The video can be improved just like a wiki article.

Videos are visual

Having a visual reference makes it easier to learn, and even practice and improve.

We are not perfect, quite the opposite

We are in no way inclined to think that we do all the techniques perfectly. On the contrary, we are realistic about our abilities in such a vast martial system. This is the one of the reasons our AKBAN idea of a community exists. The videos are here as a reference meant for learning or for practicing under a certified instructor.