Jogo do Pau - Game of the stick

By Yossi Sheriff

Jogo do Pau, (Play of the stick), (ג'וגו דה פאו), is a Portuguese martial art of stick fighting. This martial art has a documented, uninterrupted history of more then 500 years, making it one of the cultural treasures both of the Historical European weapon arts and a Martial sport.

The sticks used by Jogo Do Pau practitioners are traditionally about 160 - 170 cm long. The current Lisbon chapter in Ginásio Clube Português also practices to great depths, a shorter stick, bastão, 60 - 100 cm long.

Jogo do Pau is one of the main disciplines in AKBAN academy because of its proven perspective on blunt weapons.

The founder and the main renovator of the system is master Nuno Russo and his veteran student Master Nuno Motta.

Video of Jogo do Pau against several opponents