How to fight off multiple attackers the AKBAN way - Practical Ninjutsu training lessons

By Yossi Sheriff

Fighting multiple opponents video and article are a guide for executing the defense against multiple attackers in combat. The first five minutes give the indispensable Ninjutsu techniques strategy against multiple opponents. The second part of the video (minute 05:00) goes into detail with the first technique - the "Pillar destroyer - Hashira Hakaisha" kata. The Ninjutsu training video sums the first two weeks in February 2013.

The multiple opponents randori in AKBAN, or Taninzū-kake, 多人数掛け, is conducted using video briefing that exposes weak spots, and points toward better technique.

Video of 5th technique for defense against multiple opponents

Video of 7 Ninjutsu drills for defense against multiple opponents

Summary: One opponent is tough, two opponents are very dangerous, Three or more opponents can be a deadly trap! Watch the video.

  1. Do not get into the trap.
  2. Negotiate, If you can.
  3. If you can not get out, use the Pillar destroyer, fight for your life!

How to prepare before the attack?

  1. Open a live streaming account on youtube, facebook,livestream or any other live streaming service and learn to upload on the spot. This way potential attackers lose their anonymity and the video can not be taken from you.
  2. Learn martial arts - fighting several enemies requiers top notch fighting abilities and fitness.

Preparing for the multiple opponents attack on the street

  1. Use your cellular to stay connected at potentially lonely and dangerous places.
  2. Use your cellular's video capabilities to take videos and images before a confrontation to the above account.
  3. Anticipate - Look ahead, do not get into the trap. If far enough, run away to the nearest safe place.

What to do if the multiple opponents trap forms around you?

  1. Try to negotiate your way and defuse the situation. Get out of the circle and head quickly to a safe place.
  2. Plan your strategy - defend first. This probably is the most important technique, if you find yourself in a closed trap. But be prepared to fight.
  3. Open distance - When far enough, run away to the nearest safe place. A street with sober people is a good bet, a supermarket with safety cameras also.

Fighting techniques against multiple opponents trap when you know you will be attacked

  1. Plan your counter attack, based on your training. Do not stand in zen state of mind trusting fate. Plan your extreme defensive response while talking. Talk to calm things down.

The surprise of your defence is an immense asset.

Destroy the pillars

  1. Move through one or more of your attackers and punch them down. The opponents are the walls and pillars of your trap and they will close on you if you do not push through. So take the fight to your opponents, decimate them on your way out.
  2. Move, move, move - do not let the opponents circle you again. Use Ninjutsu Tai sabaki, Do not get into the trap again.
  3. Do not let anyone lay hands on you. If you are grabbed that’s the end of it. DO NOT BE GRABBED. Period.

Give it all you’ve got, it’s your life. Fight for your life.

How to use an improvised weapon against multiple attackers?

  • If you have a knife like object, be prepared to stab from below and protect the weapon hand with your other hand. You do not want the improvised stabbing weapon to be grabbed.
  • If you have an improvised stick, know how to use it. If you know how to use it, be prepared to break bones to defend yourself. Take the fight to your attackers and attack the walls and pillars of your trap.
  • Do not do anything beyond what is necessary to defend your life. If you’ve got the upper hand stay alert. Look around for more attackers. Run away and call the police when in a safe distance. Killing a person is way better than being murdered by some thug, but it’s a lifelong burden. As said at the beginning: Prepare, anticipate, avoid and only if under extreme danger fight like an AKBANUT.

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