By Yossi Sheriff
Featured Kata from ancient ninjutsu
Man empi
Te hodoki
Musha dori
Tsuke iri - inserting the stick

Background of the Hook

This punch is an important part of a fighter's arsenal. Without it- jabs and crosses are half as useful as they are when used in combination with the hook and vise versa. The hook is a very versatile punch that is effective with both hands aiming to punish the head or the body.

Description of the Hook

When used to the head the main principles are: 1. The fingers of the punching hand usually point to the floor. 2. The heel of the leg of the same side must be raise to allow the full rotation of the waist. This is the source of the hook's power. Care must be taken not to turn too much - that way the side is left exposed. 3. The shoulder of the punching hand must protect the chin.

Video of of the Hook

Meta perspectives

This technique incorporates these attributes of Meta Perspectives:

  1. Beginner level of expertise