Danshu kata, Jo Ryaku no Maki level - Gyokko ryu

By Yossi Sheriff
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Video of Danshu no kata

Video of Danshu, 2nd angle

Danshu, (彈手), (Bomb hand), (דנשו), is a kata from Gyokku ryu. This kata belongs to syllabus of the Takamatzu den Ninjutsu.

Description of Danshu no kata

  1. Both opponents begin with Shizen tai no kamae.
  2. Uke grabs tori's right sleeve with his left hand and attacks with a right fudo ken to the face.
  3. Tori with his right hand grabs uke's left hand or forearm and turns it in the direction of Omote gyaku, and blocks the punch with a left Jodan yuke.
  4. Tori then attacks with a left Ura shuto to the neck and throws uke down on his back by kicking him with the right leg behing uke's left knee.