Danshi kata, Jo Ryaku no Maki level - Gyokko ryu

By Yossi Sheriff
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Video of Danshi no kata

Video of Danshi kata

Danshi (彈指), (Missile finger), (דנשי) is a kata from the first level of Gyokku ryu. This kata belongs to syllabus of the Takamatzu den Ninjutsu kata.

Description of Danshi

Uke and tori are in Shizen tai no kamae, uke grabs tori's shirt with his left hand and attacks with a tsuki with his right hand. Tori puts his right hand on uke's left hand, blocks with a jodan yuke and then attacks with a boshi ken to uke's neck. tori then sweeps uke's left knee from the outside and finishes with a lock on uke's left elbow with his leg on uke's ribs.