Code of Chivalry

By Yossi Sheriff

The knight code of chivalry is an ethical system that evolved in Europe out of previous battlefield and religious codes of conduct. Battlefield conduct in the middle ages contained two main points: courage and obedience. Religious conduct of the crusaders and catholic orders contributed other pious and moral aspects into what was purely soldierly code.

Main points of Knights' Code of Chivalry

  1. God and Church should be respected and obeyed.
  2. The knight's lord should be served honorably and obediently.
  3. The weak people should be defended.
  4. Widows and orphans should be subjected to charity.
  5. No untrue accusation should be made.
  6. Honor and glory should be the Raison d'être.
  7. To do deeds for the sake of them and not monetary reward.
  8. To fight for the welfare of everybody without prejudice.
  9. To obey just authority.
  10. To protect the honor of other knights.
  11. To abhor lie, unfairness and deceit.
  12. To have faith in God.
  13. To speak the truth.
  14. To resolve to end every venture once it begun.
  15. To actively protect the honour of women.
  16. Always accept a challenge from an opponent knight.
  17. Never to run from a fight.
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