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By Yossi Sheriff

The TSKSR techniques category has all the documented Bokken, Katana, long staff, naginata and spear kata of Tenshin Shōden Katori Shintō-ryū in video. Katori (TSKSR - Acronym), is a comprehensive martial art that influences the weapon practice in AKBAN.

Apart from Iai justsu and Batto jutsu the kata in TSKSR techniques necessitate two partners. Some levels, like the Sword Gogyo level are meant for advanced students that have learned the basic level kata. Although it may be said that training in the school illustrates the concept of the bugei juhappan, unfortunately the arts of Sui-ren, Hojutsu, Bajutsu, and Kyujutsu have at some time been lost over the almost six hundred year history of the school.

However, such knowledge as Ninjutsu and Houka is still passed down through kuden.

The main emphasis of the school is on Kenjutsu. A range of other weapons are being taught as part of the curriculum, but the sword remains the central weapon.

Omote no tachi - basic level Bokken kata

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Gogyo no tachi - intermediate level Bokken kata

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Bojutsu Katori - long staff kata

TSKSR, Gokui no Kodachi - short sword

TSKSR, Omote no iai - Sword drawing from sitting position

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TSKSR, Tachi ai batto jutsu - Sword drawing from standing position

TSKSR, Naginata jutsu in Katori


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