Bugei juhappan

By Yossi Sheriff

Bugei Juhappan refers to 18 martial skills to be learnt by the common Japanese warrior (bushi). Ninjutsu practitioners also study Bugei Juhappan along side with Ninja Juhakkei (the 18 Ninjutsu fighting art skills). Though some of them are the same, the techniques of each discipline were used with different approaches by both samurai and ninja. Bugei Juhappan is as follows:

  1. Kenjutsu (Swordmanship)
  2. Battojutsu (Sword Drawing)
  3. Sojutsu (Spear Fighting)
  4. Naginatajutsu (Naginata Fighting)
  5. Kyujutsu (Archery)
  6. Kyuba (Mounted Archery)
  7. Suijutsu, specifically To-suijutsu (Swimming)
  8. Bōjutsu (Stick Fighting)
  9. Nagamono (Polearm Fighting)
  10. Torimono Dougu (Arresting Weapons) Weapons used by Japan's Feudal Police to contain or arrest someone without harming them.
  11. Kakushi Buki Jutsu (Hidden Weapons) Small, easily-concealed, hand-held weaponry used for emergency self-protection, such as brass knuckles etc.
  12. Jujutsu (Unarmed Combat)
  13. Shurikenjutsu (Blade Throwing)
  14. Hojutsu (Musketry)
  15. Jouhou Kaishuu (Information Gathering)
  16. Chikujou (Fortifications)
  17. Angou (Signaling)
  18. Jinei/Heihou (Strategy and Tactics)