Seventh Level in AKBAN Ninjutsu



The Seventh Level in AKBAN is a dynamic state that represents leadership, intellectual contribution, and ethical responsibility within the AKBAN community. Unlike the five static levels, the Seventh Level is an ongoing commitment to teaching, thought leadership, and community enrichment.


  1. Teaching or Thought Leadership: Actively teach within the AKBAN community or contribute to the AKBAN Think Tank, shaping the intellectual and philosophical foundations of the practice.
  2. Advanced Skill Mastery: Continually advance and refine Ninjutsu techniques, focusing on the nuanced understanding that can be shared with others.
  3. Ethical Leadership: Uphold and exemplify high ethical standards, both within the training environment and in broader social contexts.
  4. Community Stewardship: Actively contribute to the well-being and growth of the AKBAN community through mentorship, event organization, or other forms of meaningful involvement.
  5. Communication Skills: Demonstrate effective communication skills, both in teaching settings and in collaborative intellectual endeavors.
  6. Emotion Regulation: Apply and promote the emotion regulation system to reduce violence and aggression, aligning with AKBAN's core principles.

Dynamic Nature of the Seventh Level

The Seventh Level is not a permanent title but a dynamic state that requires ongoing commitment to leadership and intellectual contribution. If a practitioner no longer meets these requirements, they will return to their previous level until they can re-engage in these critical roles within the community.

Containing differences of opinion

Taking responsibility