Weekly Ninjutsu plan for Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Ramat Hasharon dojo, 24-28/11/2013

This week at our Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Ramat Hasharon dojos (Hebrew links) we will explore more intricate techniques and movements against several attackers. I want to thank Ze'ev Erlich Sensei for diercting my attention to the wonderful work of Gozo Shioda Sensei against multiple opponents. Gozo Shioda Sensei uses, in the clip attached, several reactions against a rushing opponent, he stops the trajectory applying 180 degrees technique or he joins and blends with the attackers energy, We will try to adapt the our method and work it with Ninjutsu syllabus of medium levels of violence techiques. Please do not forget to bring punching gloves as we always validate our Ninjutsu with randori. For questions, please call me at:052-5108747 The sessions start with Ninjutsu kamae followed by the himum. The session ends with Randori. We upload selected Ninjutsu lessons to the Ninjutsu training category at the AKBAN wiki.