Training this week: outdoor at Thursday and Family Defense and Security seminar at Friday

This Thursday, at the Tel Aviv dojo, we will train at the Gan Haazmaut, at the north side, near the red sculpture, about 40 meters to the side. We will have a special year's end session with emphasis on Bokken. We'll start at 18:10 and continue as usual. The rest of the week sessions are as planned. Friday, 27.6.2014, at 07:30, we will meet at our regular shooting range for the second F.D.S., Family Defense and Security seminar this year - about handguns (Link to event on Facebook). The first FDS seminar that dealt with Vertical Urban Survival (VUS) was ushered by Assaf Hochman from AKBAN Modi'in-Maccabim-Re'ut. On the FDS Gun seminar on Friday we will focus on the scenario of "Gun in the house". We used the Methodical Pyramid model to run analyses that deal with protecting children, sabaki with guns inside a family house and shooting safely inside an apartment. Preceding those we will shoot in all the basic stances, relearn gun safety and work out gun malfunctions. The concluding part of the seminar will hone the intermediate skills necessary for the designed scenarios. Don't miss these opportunities to learn, even if they are just a fraction of the AKBAN syllabus. Maybe, like me, you do not want to master guns, but learning the basics of Family Defense and Security is not an option, just like learning CPR, it is a matter of professionalism and responsibility. The Taijutsu sessions this week are as usual and will revolve around the Basic Ninjutsu Stances we start each session with.

Video of Bobi no Kamae

Video of Vertical Urban Survival 1 seminar

Gallery of images from VUS seminar