Sunday in Jerusalem dojo - 18.11.2012

Even though the Jerusalem dojo is equipped with a bomb shelter, many veterans will be absent from session today because of the security situation, I will try to video each lesson's important drills and upload these the day after to the news section and to the Practicing in difficult times, at the wiki. This way, even if not at the dojo, AKBANauts can still practice. We start today, as usual, with the moto gata from Ninjutsu kamae. After doing the fitness routine, the Himum, we will continue with Tai sabaki combined with punching and kicking drills. Here's my first attempt, from last week's Wednesday session, of videoing the sabaki kicking drill we did. Practice safely, but keep on training.

Video of Sabaki drill for kicking after punching

Jerusalem dojo - AKBAN