Planned Ninjutsu session, AKBAN Tel Aviv - 1.10.2013

A reminder, we are training at our temporary dojo, 193 Ben Yehuda st. 1st floor. A controlled level of violence while executing a technique is the domain of masters. The lower the level of violence, the higher the expertise needed to apply it. This Tuesday we will explore the subject through grappling techniques initiated by the opponent. We will see a few examples from the Bujinkan syllabus of high violence techniques and then move on to medium level of violence necessitating a better technique.
The sessions will start with kamae followed by the himum. The session ends with Randori. I upload selected Ninjutsu lessons to the Ninjutsu training category at the AKBAN wiki. Tel Aviv Martial arts academy - AKBAN Call us: 052-5108747