24.10.2013 - Planned Ninjutsu session, AKBAN Tel Aviv

A reminder, we are training at our temporary dojo, 193 Ben Yehuda st. 1st floor. We missed one training session this week because of municipal elections, so we'll try to concisely work a whole week into one, longer, session this Thursday. Using a dojo with hard floors improved Ukemi to such an extent that we can now explore Ganseki Nage in conjunction with different ranges and ballistics. The common counters to a resisting opponent and also some advanced applications interest me and so we will go into these too. Because I do not want us to loose the momentum we now have in working Traditional kata full speed with punching gloves, please bring your gloves and a water bottle. The sessions will start with kamae followed by the himum. The session ends with Randori. I upload selected Ninjutsu lessons to the Ninjutsu training category at the AKBAN wiki. Tel Aviv Martial arts academy - AKBAN Call us: 052-5108747