Yossi Sheriff – AKBAN Academy headmaster

Yossi Sheriff - AKBAN academy headmaster

For seminars and lessons, you can call Yossi at 052-5108747 or mail [email protected]

Yossi Sheriff (יוסי שריף) analyses conflict centered organizational and interpersonal processes. Around a pragmatic core of movement, fitness research and martial research, Yossi has built, coded and maintains an array of professional databases that analyse conflicts, movement and physiology and publish the results in English (MP), Hebrew and Japanese.

Using the knowledge and research in AKBAN Yossi Sheriff founded the DETANT organisation for conflict managment and prevention for the public sector and for the security centred organisations.

After an army service as a Combat Paramedic, at 1985, Mr. Sheriff got the honor achievement award from the Israeli president for his successful efforts in analyzing, reorganizing and building the logistics network for evacuation in the Israeli medical corps.

Yossi sheriff was born at the early 1960’s. As a child, he started training Ninjutsu under Doron Navon, the first non Japanese Bujinkan shihan. Yossi Sheriff passed his Bujinkan Godan (5th degree black belt) under Hatsumi Masaki at 1991.

At 1986 Yossi Sheriff started teaching martial arts as a vehicle for humane improvement. Travelling to Japan and living there and in Macau deepened a lifetime interest in other martial arts.

Yossi is a certified physical therapist, B.P.T, and has a B.A in Philosophy, both from Tel Aviv University. Sheriff has participated at the first Feldenkraiz instructor course in Israel.

Mr. Sheriff is is the sysadmin, the writer of www.akban.org and the headmaster of the AKBAN martial arts Academy, with more then 100 veterans graduating from his academy and instructors teaching in various Dojo around Israel.

You can contact Yossi at his facebook profile, use mail or even, old style, call the Akban Academy phone: 052-5108747 (outside Israel 972-52-5108747).

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