Training this week, 8-13.6.2014, and Friday weapon training

This week I will teach as usual only in Jerusalem and Ramat Hasharon dojos. At these sessions, on Sunday, Monday and Wednesday, we will explore the second timing, attack following defense, and try to follow the knowledge of Sabaki Gata level of Kukishinden Ryu. At Tuesday and Thursday I will come and work the Himum only. One of the instructors will teach instead of me and the material in these sessions will be from his dojo. This Friday we have a weapon group that will work with emotional modulation and the first sword kata, Itsutsu no Tachi kata. In the embedded video, Suso Sabaki from the AKBAN wiki, one can see the intricate timing, defense and trap that exemplify the strategic work of the Sabaki Gata level in Kukishin Ryu.