Today in Jerusalem dojo - The overlap between grappling and striking

I once read a great book, it was called "Enter to Trapping to Grappling". In it the author developed some techniques that took Wing chun aspects of striking in close range and grappling. At the time, when striking arts ruled the magazines and grappling arts were a dedicated, professional but highly cloistered disciplines it was refreshing to see my teacher's atitude echoed. Doron Navon Shihan, himself not only a Ninjutsu top teacher but a Judo 4th Dan, emphasized the necessity of grappling knowledge for all self defense situations, for many reasons. We do not need to look far, a through practice in Ninjutsu techniques reveals that a plethora of kata mix grappling, locking and throwing. After dedicating the previos weeks to honing sabaki and reaction we now open scope for the various ways the Takamatsu den syllabus deals with close range and middle range distances.

Video of grappling and striking in Fudo ryu traditional kata

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