The Kukishin ryu shoden level - all the video of the basic kata

We are continuing our project of Martial arts documentation. This involves researching the relevant forms and techniques, taking them on video, editing, and then embedding the video in the relevant articles.

I am very fortunate to have students who have the same passion for Ninjutsu. With the help of Z&O, AKBAN veterans, we have finished documenting the basic level ( Shoden gata) of the Kukishin ryu Daken taijutsu. Kukishin is an old Samurai Koryu, and documenting its extensive structure gave us more insight into the combat frame-of-mind that originated it's techniques.

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list of Kukishin Shoden gata techniques

# Fubuki # Hosetsu # Iso Arashi # Kataho # Kubiwa # Seion # Suisya # Suiyoku # Tatsumaki
Here's a glimpse of one of the next level katas, the Kata nami.