Syllabus this week, 8-13.11.2015

This Friday, 13.11.2015, at 08:00 sharp, we will have an ECR session in Tel Aviv dojo. We got an introduction to one of the critical but misunderstood aspects of Ninjutsu, the use of different levels of aggression for a variety of scenarios. Levels of violence is a field that is researched extensively in AKBAN Academy. Over the last week we practiced with advanced techniques against hand and sleeve holds. I am attaching videos of the main techniques we learned to this post. It is relatively easy to deal with these scenarios with high level of violence techniques, but a reliable and efficient reaction in low level of violence necessitates learning and practice. This week we will continue to solve close quarters grappling scenarios and will learn reaction both in high levels and also low levels of violence.

Video of techniques that we will learn this week

video of techniques we learned last week