Sword workshop this Friday and training for 14-19.9.2014

This Friday we will learn Bokken techniques in the Tel Aviv dojo.
  1. Time and address - Hayrkon 294 St. Tel Aviv | 19.9.2014| 08:00-10:00
During the week, at Tel Aviv dojo, Jerusalem dojo and Ramat Hasharon dojo we will continue to work in two levels. The basic and intermediate Ninjutsu groups will do arm locks, Daken and Ukemi. At the veterans' groups we will complete the kata I didn't finish teaching last week, namely Shio Kaze and Hosetsu and focus on the important Dofu no Kata. Dofu is the basis for the kata of the 5th Ninjutsu colloquium.

The kata for the veterans' groups

  1. Dofu, (挐風), (Taking the wind) - Okuden gata level
  2. Shio Kaze, (塩風), (Salt wind) -  - Chuden gata level
  3. Hosetsu, (崩雪), (Avalanche) - Shoden gata level

Video of the advanced kata for this week