Sessions this week and an additional group, 14-19.12.2014

Please pay attention, We've added another ECR group and upped the syllabus of the veteran sessions into Combat kata analysis. After preparations that took us several months we are opening the special "Edge Combat Research", ECR, at Friday mornings. I will instruct this group, with the assistance of Elad Nagar. Elad will emphasize sessions that are direct derivatives of the methodical pyramid. These sessions are aimed to improve combat abilities and fitness and will integrate Ninjutsu into the Randori level. Once a month I will teach the ECR groups weapons, emphasizing emotional modulation and complex scenarios. More improvements: the second session in Tuesdays and Wednesdays changes and will focus on Combat Katas. I will lead this one. These sessions, that integrate obscure Ninjutsu kata into practice are extremely tough and necessitate high level of fitness and concentration abilities that exceed regular sessions. They are open to all students who have a taste for this harshness, and who have been training for more then one semester. At the regular sessions we will continue with advanced Ukemi and combine Kyusho with Nage waza.

Video of a session in Bujinkan Eilat teaching rhythm in kata