Ninjutsu sessions this week - 2-7.3.2014

We are exploring three different, but related subjects: Tai Sabaki in advaced Randori scenrious, Tactical principles of Koto ryu techniques, especially up-down attacks, and the use of Daken in throws and arm-locks. I am attaching the 1st clip of traditional sabaki being used in modern martial sports scenarios. The techniques are executed by Lyoto Machida, a Brazilian MMA fighter with a strong background in traditional Karate. Machida's traditional background only contributed, not detracted, from his abilities as he combines his unorthodox background with an extensive training in Randori and Shiai. In the 1st clip of the series one can see Machida utilizing two techniques, Diagonally backward and Combat stepping, Aruki, when he tries to maintain distance against a charging attack. Two techniques that are so important in Ninjutsu that we practice them from day one in the dojo. This Friday, 7.3.2014, at 08:00, we will meet for the monthly AKBAN colloquium. The 2nd colloquium for 2014 (link for the event) will be taking place at 294 Hayarkon St., at our Tel Aviv dojo. Practitioners from other Martial arts' schools who wish to participate can contact me.