Ninjutsu sessions for 9-14.11.2014

This Friday, 14/11/2014, 08:00 sharp, we will have weapon training. During the week we will be working in the intermediate groups on Daken Taijutsu (esp. Kicks) and Nage waza. The veteran groups will continue to work our way deeper into the Shirabe Moguri gata level of the Nine Demons system with Gyaku Nage, Uchi Harai and Gongi. I attach two relevant videos. The second one is a Jogo De Pau that shows the basic stances of the middle length stich. Interesting in comparison with the Kukishinden syllabus. The first video shows sabaki work in MMA that is similar across Ninjutsu and Modern Boxing. As an added bonus we get another use for Underhook/Ganseki throw. Very well done, though you can't beat the sunglasses of the second video easily.

Ninjutsu footwork in Boxing - 1st video

Stances in Jogo de Pau - second video