Ninjutsu sessions for 16-21.2.2014, new dojos and instructors

I am happy that two experienced veterans, Nadav and Shmulik, managed, in the recent months, to open two highly successful dojos, at Neria and Zafed. When a black belts graduates from my academy they do not have to continue carrying the AKBAN name. This is why continuing to work together, and carrying our name is a tough choice that shows respect and responsibility for the community. I honor this and put myself at the service of this growing roster of veterans. Well done, friends, and Godspeed. This week we are working on Ninjutsu throws from the blue belt syllabus while honing the combat versions of Koku No kata. We will add another technique to the street team work. We had a great beginning to 2014 at the 1st AKBAN colloquium for this year. In about three weeks we will meet at the second 2014 colloquium, at March the 7th. You can join the event in this link, or at the event page at Facebook.
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