Last week's seminars and this week's sessions -

Last week was full of seminars and special reunions. Yakov Shacht, the founder of Hamburg Academy, headed a special seminar in AKBAN Tel Aviv. Oded Levi, AKBAN Canada dojo cho, participated in an outside training and Yaad Ben David, dojo cho of AKBAN Haifa, ushered the Ne waza seminar, also in AKBAN Tel Aviv. I just had enough time to fly to Greece and teach a seminar in AKBAN Athens. These happy times can be intense, and maybe that is the reason I am always happy to return to regular practice and to the solace of my daily training routine. In Friday, 8.4.2016, at 08:00 sharp, we will have seminar in AKBAN Tel Aviv. A detailed post will be released on our WhatsApp groups. During the week we will work on throws and armlocks but we will not neglect the Nagare drill and use it against Gyaku Tsuki too.

Video about Uke reactions to Jodan Yuke