Invitation to the 5th Ninjutsu colloquium

This Friday, at 24.10.2014, 08:00 sharp, at our Tel Aviv Honbu dojo we will meet, practice and debate an intricate and deep kata. Yoav Alterman Sensei called it, "The Everest of kata". This kata is Gyaku nage, a sequence from the higher level of the Nine demons system. This will be Colloquium number 5 for this year. Here's a link to all of 2014 colloquiums. In a Colloquium one of the veteran students presents a Kata or a subject, we practice with it and then debate. We are good debaters. This is not Sparta, this is AKBAN. All AKBAN veterans and students are invited. If you are a student or a teacher from another school you are invited too, but please contact us here to reserve a place Send Mail. To sum it up: welcome.

An invitation and an exemplary kata of the 5th colloquium