The 2013 AKBAN website summery

152,703 readers visited the site. On average each read a bit more then 3 pages and spent more then 4 minutes pondering our organization visiting card. 30% returned to read more.

We had 4,469,699 views of AKBAN YouTube channel and added 8,717 subscribers so now we are nearing 20,000 subscribers.

I wrote more than 700 articles, posts and fitness charts dealing with Conflict management, our core martial practice – Combat oriented Ninjutsu, and honed the AKBAN Hebrew fitness program (Marathon table included).

For 2014 I plan videoing missing kata from several ryu and focusing on conflict analysis and prevention for the academy’s company – DETANT.

I want to thank you, students and readers. I am committed to this documentation project and to the research and practice it ensues.

My respect to you. 2013 analytics