Weekend quote – Samantha Catto-Mott

August 30, 2013
Yossi Sheriff

1st quote

European martial arts. It deals with a very dangerous society where you could be attacked on the street with any form of a weapon, you could be wearing any form of armor. So… you’d have to assume that you don’t have much protection, against someone who does.

It goes from the ground up, from unarmed against any kind of weapon, to fully armed and on horseback against other people on horseback. So it is that thorough, and I don’t know any other martial art that is so effective against that many combinations.

So I love it.

2nd quote

Samantha Catto-Mott (aka Samantha Swords) - Rey Alabastro photography

Quote from Samantha Swords – Winner of The Longsword Competition At a World Invitational Tournament