New navigation and UI on the AKBAN wiki, the largest Ninjutsu data base

It’s been years, but ever since I started writing the AKBAN wiki, I have been hearing the same points again and again. Students and readers have been complaining: “the wiki is too big, I can’t find the techniques I am looking for” and so on. This drives me to put more effort on things like user interface, content strategy and better video editing.

I invest respect in this platform of teaching, just like I invest it on my dojo. My craft gets better because of it.

The analytics of show a steady 16,000 readers a month, a high 33% returning readers and all with an average of almost 7 minutes on site. But even such an unexpected popularity can not mask the faults me and AKBAN members find, so I invest extra time and effort to arrange the information (mind boggling 5000+ techniques) so they are easier to find

I hope the effort makes the orientation a little better, but I know, there’s plenty of space for improvement.

links are here:
AKBAN wiki in English
אקבן ויקי בעברית

Any comments and suggestions are welcomed, as always.
Yossi Sheriff
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