Cancelled training session this Tuesday in AKBAN Tel Aviv – Municipal elections

Sorry friends, we have to cancel the training session this Tuesday, 22.10.2013, because the municipality has taken control of our dojo and erected polling stations there.
I got informed only yesterday and tried to find a substitute dojo, to no avail.
You are invited to the training session today (Monday). We are going to have a longer (2.5 hours) session this Thursday to make up for lost techniques and time.

I apologize for the short notice, sorry guys.

Planned Ninjutsu techniques for the Tuesday session in Tel Aviv dojo
Starts: 10/22/2013 6:00PM

Ends: 2013-10-22:00.000
Duration: 03:00

Temporary dojo AKBAN Tel Aviv, 193 Ben Yehuda St.
Tel Aviv