Why is it important to use video in martial arts?

There are, at least, three advantages to video: 1. Video is a way to teach, even if only few people watch. True, this is not the ideal way, but I did learn things from videos and I think that others can too. We must Capture and distribute video to give away the knowledge we have acquired. 2. Video distribution requires courage. That's the difference between writing a poem and putting it in the drawer and showing it to someone. In the case we show, we will have to live with the new reality and with the possibility that what we have created is: a. Not good, b. Too complex and not understandable c. Clear and excellent, but not suitable for the reader. The medication for fear, as we all know, is action! 3. Video photography, and critical observation, is a painful but excellent way to improve technique - both a technique of execution and a technique of verbal explanation. The engine behind my technical improvement are the movies I uploaded. You need to video and distribute to get internal and external feedbacks and improve.