Weekend quote - Van den Berg, Maas , Verheij and Groenewegen

The results show that the relationships of stressful life events with number of health complaints and perceived general health were significantly moderated by amount of green space in a 3-km radius. Respondents with a high amount of green space in a 3-km radius were less affected by experiencing a stressful life event than respondents with a low amount of green space in this radius. The same pattern was observed for perceived mental health, although it was marginally significant. The moderating effects of green space were found only for green space within 3 km, and not for green space within 1 km of residents’ homes, presumably because the 3-km indicator is more affected by the presence of larger areas of green space, that are supposed to sustain deeper forms of restoration. These results support the notion that green space can provide a buffer against the negative health impact of stressful life events. From: Van den Berg, Maas , Verheij and Groenewegen, "Green space as a buffer between stressful life events and health", Social Science & Medicine, Volume 70, Issue 8, April 2010, Pages 1203–1210, dos:10.1016/j.socscimed.2010.01.002