Weekend quote - Rabbi Yuval Cherlow

I really do not know of a speedy path to get rid of these vices. On the other hand I know longer paths, ones that do not meander and dispair, but make the correction pragmatic. These are different ways, and each one should choose his own. I am not a great believer in this kind of introspection, list making or in inner psychological witch hunt. This method might be suitable for some, but my experience showed that it does not uplift a person but drives him to dispair, and at the end does more harm then good. Not only that, it is philosophically difficult, because there is no Archimedean point to divide the causes of the actions - whether from inner calling or from one's pride and vanity. I suggest another way. When a person does good things it is better not to introspect too much whether the motives are this or that. The good path is to do good things. Rabbi Yuval Cherlow ואמרת בלבבך