Weekend quote - Olav H. Hauge

That black spot, the one you should hit, There, at the target's middle, Yes, this one — The one that must get pierced by the arrow! This one you miss time after time. You are close, closer, never Close enough. And then you kneel, gather the arrows And try again. This black spot drives you crazy, Until you realize: The place where the arrow stuck, quivering — It too is center. From Hebrew translation of "Elvi Burtanum Fjorden" Olav H. Hauge By Sabina Messeg with Hanna-May Sevendal מתוך הספר: "הנהר שמעבר לפיורד" מאת אולב האוגה, תרגום - סבינה מסג עם חנה-מאי סוונדל