Weekend quote - Aliraza Roshan

In my childhood I had a friend who excelled in the javelin throw. He had a strong hand. This friend has spent all his life practicing the javelin. I went to the university and studied theater. He still threw javelins. Did nothing else besides. I graduated from the university. He still threw javelins. One day he said to me: - It's time to show you what I'm worth. We went together to the heart of the desert. He said: - Wait and see what I can do. He concentrated all his powers, and threw the javelin. The Javelin ascended and ascended until it became a dot in the air. My friend said: - I finished my job. I worked my whole life for this day. You went and got an education, you wrote things, you learned a lot. I told him: - You asked for one thing and you got it. I asked for a lot of things and I did not get any of them. he said: - I've got to go. Goodbye. He said it and fell face down. A Javelin penetrated his back. The Javelin he himself threw. His Javelin went around the globe and got him. All his life he trained to reach to himself. He said, 'The furthest point is I am. I want to get to me." And he did. Translated from Persian into Hebrew, Orly Noy, Translated from Hebrew, Y.S. Photo: David Gabriel Fischer, www.thezendiary.com Image CC: David Gabriel Fischer, www.thezendiary.com