Weekend quote - Alex Wellerstein

There are better and worse ways to wage war. Both ethically, from the point of view of who gets killed and how they get killed, but also from the standpoint of achieving practical ends that you can live with in the peacetime. If one declares that the only options are pacifism or “anything goes,” one slides down a pretty nasty slope awfully quickly. One gets what Conant is trying to indicate — that war itself is the problem, not the means — but saying that the means are just details of immorality seems to be just a bit too dismissive for me. Nations that decide that the methods of war are just practical details, become the stuff of nightmares. From: Conant’s war: Inside the Mouse-Trap - blog.nuclearsecrecy.com/ poppy dusk CC image poppy dusk by Jon Bunting - lovingyourwork.com