Weapon Passover seminar and full vacation during Chol HaMoed Pesach

This Sunday will be training at the regular schedule in the Jerusalem dojo. Afterwards, from Monday the 14th till Tuesday the 22nd, we will be at the Passover spring vacation. Training will resume on Tuesday the 22nd. During Chol HaMoed Pesach we will be having the conclusive 2014 weapon seminar (link to FB event) at the Tel Aviv dojo. All AKBAN practitioners are invited at no additional training fees. For students outside AKBAN there are five open admissions at the cost of 470 NIS. The seminar starts at 08:30 on Friday, April the 18th at the Tel Aviv dojo. Veterans, please bring Hanbo (1 meter) and Boken. Additional weapons will be supplied by the AKBAN armory. passover 2014 weapon seminar