Training this week, schedule and places, 10-15.8.2014

Training takes place, as usual, in Tel Aviv dojo, Hayarkon 294 St. Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6 PM till 8 PM. At Jerusalem dojo we will be at our old Tedi Stadium dojo, Sundays and Wednesdays 6 PM till 8 PM. This Friday (15.8.2014, 08:00, Tel Aviv dojo) we will continue with the first Bokken Kata and present a preparation for Randori practice. Tel Aviv and Jerusalem sessions will evolve around building a better fitness, sparring a lot and drilling Dakken with boxing gloves. After several weeks of repeating only 1st and 3rd timings with the gloves we will explore syncopation and speed drills. I am glad that at these times so many veterans succeed and come to train together.