Training this week, plus Eilat Taikai, 30.11-6.12.2014

This Friday we will not have a weapon training class. AKBAN veterans and me are going to the "40 years Taikai", a special event to celebrate 40 years of Bujinkan in Israel, a conglomerate I helped build and care deeply about. The Red Sea dojo, under the leadership of Udi Zaga Sensei, organized a wonderful opportunity to learn and meet, a timing that reminded me I have been Doron Navon's student for more then 38 years now. Here's a link at the Red Sea dojo homepage for late registration. I will be teaching as usual at Thursday Tel Aviv dojo, and will start going south only after the session. At the groups we will hone our Ukemi skills and combine Karuwaza abilities with immediate re-engaging. At the veterans groups we will do the same and continue learning Kukishinden upper level katas. I attached three clips: one is basic rolls in Ninjutsu, another one is a classic Aikido Ukemi, for comparison, but the first one is the best, it shows that we were prepared for the Red Sea Bujinkan Taikai long, long time ago. See you in the dojo.

Video of Hissaku Kata at the Red Sea

Video of basic Ninjutsu rolls tutorial

Video of Aikido Ukemi