Training this week, 28.2-4.3.2016

This Friday, 4.3.2016, at 08:00 sharp, in Tel Aviv dojo, we will conduct a phase 1 DETANT seminar. In this seminar we practice emotional control. At the phase 2 DETANT seminar we learn, based on the knowledge from phase 1, conflict management and deescalation techniques. The registration form will go public next week. Since the number of practitioners in each seminar is limited to 12, we sold out in a matter of minutes, when the registration went online. I apologise for this. Conducting these seminars with many pupils dilutes the practice and I am committed to transferring the material thoroughly. I hope that till the end of 2016 all the veterans that want to, can do phase 1 and some will even do phase 2 of this indispensable knowledge. During the week we will continue to repeat and expand on techniques we have been learning over the last weeks. Theses include movement characteristics, sabaki and attacks in kata. We will also expand on chocks and pressure points plus arm-locks. All this while advancing toward a more precise exams syllabus.

Video of some of the requirements for exams in Ninjutsu