Training this week, 12-17.6.2016

Please write this down, there are some changes in schedule this week.
  1. The DETANT workshop will take place at July the 1st.
  2. Tuesday session will take place in Gan Ha'azmaut, north of the Hilton hotel, from 18:-20:30. Please bring punching gloves.
  3. The Sunday session in Jerusalem dojo will not take place due to the Holiday.
  4. At Friday, 17.6.2016, at 08:00, in Tel Aviv Honbu dojo we will have a seminar.
  5. I will send a Whatsup update about the Jerusalem Friday session. I still do not know if it will take place.
At the training front we will be advancing in two paths: closing gaps in the preparation for belt exams in July, and preparing for the Blitz month. In addition to the techniques we will be learning, we will start fitness work combined with extensive striking drills - all this in accordance with the AKBAN fitness regime. This is the time to start running and improve general fitness, we intend to finish these three months in top shape. To sum it up, less technical exploration, more basics and fighting spirit! See you.

Video of three kata from Koto Ryu