Training for this week, 19-24.4.2015

There will be some changes to our training schedule this week because of the Day of Remembrance for the Fallen Soldiers and the Independence Day. At Tuesday, eve of the Day of Remembrance, we will train until the siren sounds at 20:00. There will be no sessions at Wednesday and Thursday. At Friday, 24/4/2015, 09:00-11:00, we will open a new training facility at the AKBAN Kfar Bilu in memory of AKBAN student, Elik Aminov. We will do a full punching bag session and randori. Here's a link to the event on Facebook. At the Jerusalem, Ramat Hasharon and Tel Aviv dojo we will continue to prepare for the 6th International Ninjutsu Colloquium. Emphasizing syncopated rhythms interchanging with Nagare. Please be reminded that we decided to change the Kukishinden Kata at this colloquium into Yangi Kaze, also known as Ryu Fu.