Three AKBAN veterans competed in the ADCC Israel preliminaries

The ADCC is one of the most important martial sporting events in the world today. The best grappling technicians in the world attend it every two years, free from gambling pressures and surplus aggression. Three veterans from AKBAN participated in the ADCC Israeli round preliminaries. Two, Amir Haimi and Tal R. wore the white "Team AKBAN" shirt for Beit Hakerem Dojo, Eyal R. competed for the Beer Sheba BJJ dojo. While Tal and Eyal got difficult opponents in the first round and lost, Amir who arrived very ill, won two bouts and lost the third one in a heel hook submission. It was great to see us competing in such a well-organized event. I hope that two years from now there will be more veterans from AKBAN in this event. <