This week's Ninjutsu sessions, 1-6.11.2015

This Friday, there will not be an ECR training session. Instead we will hold one, in a different framework, two weeks from now. All places were quickly filled and the registration is closed for the 1st Conflict managment seminar (Detant-AKBAN). The seminar will take place at 27.11.2015. Here's the link to the event. And to technical matters, last week we added two more throws, Tai Otoshi and Yoko Sutemi, to the throws we already learned this month, Kibisu Gaeshi and Kubi nage. Three strikes to the head an neck area, Goshin Tsuki, Shikan Ken and Nukite were learned in the 1st timing. This week we will integrate the throws we learned into the 4th drill sequences and start applying them in dynamic situation.

Videos of two daken