This week in training, 30.10-3.11.2016

After so many holidays, we are returning to the practice routine I love so much. I thank the instructors who taught while I was away. The frequent seminars that took place and the ones that will, in the near future, are not only the result of years of teaching. This effort is made possible because of the high level of AKBAN instructors everywhere I teach. The teaching incursions to Europe, Japan and next week, again, to Germany prevent the old institution of Friday morning sessions from happening. Hopefully, two weeks from now we'll be working in the mornings again. The technical material we have been working on explores the unique uses of Kicks in our syllabus. Even though over the last two weeks more then 50,000 viewers have seen it in on YouTube, I attach the video, so recently and expertly filmed by Amitai from Tel Aviv dojo. Thanks for all the participants and again Domo Arigatou gozaimasu to Guy, Yoav, Eli, Shmulik, Elad and Ra'am for teaching in my stead. AKBAN would have remained a well kept secret without your help.

Video of Ninjutsu kicks against MMA and Judo holds