Third week of the 2015 Blitz, 16-21.8.2015

The Tel Aviv practice goes from 18:00 till 20:00 every Tuesday and Thursday. The Jerusalem practice takes place in the Whol rose garden, every Sunday and Wednesday, from 18:00 till 20:00. We learned, over the previous weeks, how to correct the basic mistake of Ninjutsu randori - competition. Yaniv, from Jerusalem dojo, told me a relevant story: Once, when he studied Legal Mediation, he was challenged to an arm wrestling match where the prerequisite was that every participant should bend the other one's arm as many times per minute as he could. This is similar to the goals we set in Ninjutsu sparring - every practitioner should execute varied and multiple functional Ninjutsu techniques as he can per minute. Yaniv's solution for arm wrestling was simple: the first participant allows the other to wrestle his arm down and then they cooperate to repeat as many times as they can. When one tries this task using force he can repeat two or three times per minute. When two cooperate, they can do fifty to sixty repetitions... It's a simple trick that we use. It's the AKBAN law of the jungle: "to get ecological diversity, an intricate and deep cooperation is needed. I am attaching here an absolutely fascinating randori that two veterans practiced last week. One of the veterans allows the other a bit more then he should, but this creates diversity and high rate of working techniques. If you are participating at this blitz, you can try watching this video several times. Wonderful example.

2nd video of Blitz analysis