The special 120 session and our 31st year

I started teaching in 1986 and I try to maintain an even training rhythm since then - this year marks the 31st year of teaching. Yep, I just cleared 30 teaching years. To mark the end of the Blitz month and the beginning of our 31st year we will do the "120!" this Tuesday. The "120!", for those who did not participate yet, is one of the more robust, but fun, events that we do in AKBAN. We spar exactly 120 bouts, each with a different partner, each exactly one minute long. Please bring your Hakama and Gi as we will done these at the end to symbolise the conclusion of the Blitz month and our return to traditional syllabus. The "120!" At Honbu dojo Tel Aviv, Tuesday, 30.8.2016, from 18:00 till 20:00 At Wednesday the 31st there will not be a training session in Jerusalem - we'll return to Tedi dojo in Sunday, September the 4th. At the end of the week I'll be in Berlin for a two-part seminar (FB link). The first two days will be dedicated to a master class in applying tradition to street levels of violence. The second part of the seminar will be our extremely important, must-not-miss, Detant workshop. This workshop, of which we will do the first phase, teaches and drill emotional regulation in combat through the body. Detant's knowledge is our Academy's Okuden and is a pre-requisite for grade tests in AKBAN. Here's a link to the seminar's page on Facebook. We are almost full, to reserve the last two places, please contact The AKBAN Germany headmaster, Ran Levari in FB.

Detant Emotional modulation in conflict